Today’s Special Occasion: The Ides of March

It's March 15, and on the ancient Roman calendar, today was known as the Ides of March.  It's the fateful day on which Julius Caesar was assassinated after being forewarned that such a catastrophe could happen.  There's no reason for you to beware the Ides of March or any other date on the calendar if you're thinking about becoming an American School student.  We offer a high school diploma online for adults or children and are pleased to offer a correspondence high school diploma program and accredited middle school program as well.  If you don't need to complete whole years or an entire diploma program, you may take individual courses for credit recovery or enrichment instead.  Although learning by yourself might seem scary, our instructors and staff are available to assist you whenever you need help, and because we are a non-profit school that offers monthly payment plans for students in full-year programs, the cost of learning with us shouldn't alarm you either.  Make it an Ides of March to remember and enroll today!

Today’s Anniversary: Chicago

It's March 4, and Chicago was incorporated as a city on this date in 1837.  That's 60 years before the American School was founded in Boston, but for most of our 122-year history, we had our headquarters in the city of Chicago itself.  Today we're located in the far south suburbs of Chicago, but for nearly 90 years our headquarters were near the campus of the University of Chicago on the city's south side.  From there, we helped thousands of students earn a correspondence high school diploma, and in our new location, we continue to offer high school correspondence courses but also offer a high school diploma online for adults or children as well as an accredited middle school program.  Chicago has evolved over the last 182 years, and the American School has evolved over time as well.  Stay tuned for more information on how we will evolve later in 2019!

Today’s Birthday: Elvis Presley

It's January 8, and Elvis Presley was born on this date in 1935.  Today we're going old school and including the titles of songs by him in this blog.  If you've had a rough go of it in school and feel like you're in "Heartbreak Hotel," then we can be your distance education high school.  You can work at your own pace, and our instructors have a "Don't Be Cruel" philosophy when it comes to grading your exams.  Rather, our instructors write helpful comments on every exam they grade, giving you the positive reinforcement you need as you work toward a high school diploma online for adults or children or a similar correspondence high school diploma.  There's no need to have "Suspicious Minds" about us because we are accredited by three different accrediting bodies and recognized by the State of Illinois as a non-public school.  We also have a generous refund policy and an affordable monthly payment plan.  If you think "It's Now or Never" when it comes to earning your diploma, then we invite you to enroll today!  We look forward to serving you!     

Today’s Special Occasion: Cyber Monday

Today is Cyber Monday, the day that online retailers often give great deals to their customers.  The best deal you can give yourself today is to become an American School student.  Studies have shown that people who earn an online high school diploma or correspondence high school diploma make more money in their careers than people who did not complete an accredited high school program.  We offer a high school diploma online for adults or children as well as a diploma comprised of high school correspondence courses.  We also offer academic and dollar credit for courses completed at other accredited schools and provide excellent service to our students.  Make this Cyber Monday one to remember by enrolling and becoming our student!

Today’s Special Occasion: Halloween

Happy Halloween from American School!  We realize that enrolling in a distance education high school or middle school can be scarier than some of the costumes you'll see tonight, but there's nothing to fear.  We have nearly 120 years of experience and credibility and are happy to help you earn a high school diploma at home.  If you're young enough to trick or treat, consider taking our online middle school courses on an individual basis or as part of an accredited middle school program.  We hope to have paper middle school courses available in early 2017.  If you're a bit older, then enroll in our college preparatory program or general high school program.  Those programs are available in online or paper formats.  If you're even older and think you don't have a ghost of a chance of getting your high school diploma, we're happy to offer a high school diploma online for adults, or you may complete our traditional paper-based program instead.  After you enroll and become our student, a cap and gown won't be only a costume.  Instead, they'll be symbolic of you earning your accredited high school diploma from American School.  Get started today!     

Today’s Anniversary: The Mary Tyler Moore Show

It's September 19, and The Mary Tyler Moore Show premiered on television on this date in 1970.  We realize this show is probably before your time, but it can be seen in reruns to this very day.  What's important for this blog is the last line of The Mary Tyler Moore Show's theme song, which is "You might just make it after all.".  Many times people come to us to earn a high school diploma at home because things haven't worked out for them at their current or past school.  They feel hopeless because without a high school diploma adults can have difficult lives.  That's where we come in.  We offer a high school diploma online for adults and children to complement our correspondence high school diploma for adults and children.  Students receive academic and financial credit for work completed at accredited schools they previously attended, and it is possible that, even if you've been out of school for many years, you can earn your diploma by completing as little as 4.5 units of credit and paying as little as $900.  You'll do more than "might just make it after all" when you become our student.  You WILL just make it after all.  Enroll today!

Today’s Anniversary: Piggly Wiggly

It's September 6, and on this date 100 years ago, the first self-service grocery store opened in Memphis, Tennessee.  For reasons still unknown, Clarence Saunders named it Piggly Wiggly, and the chain, which now has 600 stores in 17 states, has been in business for a century.  Before Piggly Wiggly, grocery stores were full-service places of business.  You'd show up, give a clerk the list of items you wanted, he or she would get them for you, you'd pay him or her, and you'd be on your way.  There were no shopping carts, no aisles, no checkout stands, and none of the other things we associate with shopping at a modern supermarket.  Piggly Wiggly's model gave the consumer more freedom, lowered prices, and became the model for supermarkets all across the country.  American School operates in much the same way.  We have everything from soup to nuts, so to speak, when it comes to paper-based high school courses, online high school courses and online middle school courses and we offer those courses at a very affordable cost.  You can take classes in core subject areas like English, math, science or social studies, or in specialty areas such as business, fine arts or world language.  In addition, you can take middle school and high school independent study courses for credit recovery or enrichment or take those courses as part of a package that will allow you to earn a high school diploma online for adults or children or a diploma with high school correspondence courses.  We think you'll go hog wild for us when you become our student, so enroll today!

American School Blog Gets New Look

Visitors to our blog's main page may notice the blog looks different today.  That's because it got an update over the weekend and now contains more posts than before.  You can go back and read all about the launch of our accredited middle school program with online middle school courses, learn about our correspondence high school diploma and high school diploma online for adults and children and more.  Thank you for reading the blog, and we look forward to adding to the blog's home page every day we are in the office.

Today’s Special Occasion: Patriots’ Day

It's the third Monday in April, and our friends in New England are celebrating Patriots' Day.  The most famous Patriots' Day event is the Boston Marathon, and while we continue to remember the events of the 2013 Boston Marathon, we'd like to share with you some ways in which earning a high school diploma online for adults or teens or earning a correspondence high school diploma for adults or teens is like running a marathon.  You may think that running 26.2 miles or earning 18 units of credit to complete your high school diploma program is a daunting task.  In some ways you're correct, but runners and our students go at a pace that is entirely their own.  Runners have a support system of family and friends and people who will give them water along the race route.  As our student, you'll have the support of our instructors and student service staff every step of the way.  Finally, marathon runners may get a medal or trophy, but you'll get something even more valuable: a high school diploma adults or teens can use to propel themselves to a better life.  Take the first step and enroll today.  

GradPoint Switches to AWS Platform, Operates at 100% Efficiency

Earlier we blogged about GradPoint switching to a new platform, and that process was completed on February 6.  Since then, GradPoint has been running at a remarkable 100% efficiency.  That means our accredited online high school courses are now better and more reliable than ever, so there's no better time than right now to enroll.  American School offers a high school diploma online for adults or teenagers and also makes individual courses available for credit recovery or enrichment purposes.  Become our student and work toward getting 100% on your exams as you work on a platform that operates at 100% efficiency!    

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