2018 Convention #9: ISCA Rosemont

Last week we attended the ISCA Annual Conference in Springfield, and this Friday we're attending the ISCA Conference in Rosemont.  The Illinois School Counselors Association holds two conventions each year, and we're happy to attend both.  We look forward to meeting counselors at the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center all day on April 20.  School counselors from our home state enroll their students in high school independent study courses so they can graduate on time with their classes.  Others may participate in our independent study high school program due to scheduling conflicts or to get ahead.  Whatever the reason, we're happy to serve them, and we'd be happy to serve you as well.  Enroll now!


Today’s Special Occasion: The Ides of March

It's March 15, and today is the Ides of March.  Some of you may be familiar with the phrase "Beware the Ides of March" if you've read the play Julius Caesar or know some history about Julius Caesar himself, but the Ides of March has a different significance for students in our independent study high school program who are taking high school independent study courses to graduate on time with their classes this year or recover credits so they can be promoted to the next grade.  While we allow students to enroll any time, it is very difficult for students who enroll after March 15 to have their course or courses completed in time to graduate this year.  That's because our high school correspondence courses and online high school courses contain several exams or projects, and students need to spend time mastering each lesson or unit before taking those exams or completing those projects.  Ideally students would have all of their work submitted to us by early April, though we are here to grade exams as quickly and accurately as possible all throughout the year.  We enjoy having the opportunity to serve you and help you earn a high school diploma however we can!  

Today’s Special Occasion: Boxing Day

It's December 26, and today is Boxing Day, a holiday observed in many countries but not in the United States.  As you might expect, American School goes through a LOT of boxes shipping high school correspondence courses to our students, but we're happy to ship books and study materials to all 50 states and more than 65 countries around the world, including many countries which celebrate Boxing Day today.  Some students receive boxes of books to complete a correspondence high school diploma program, while others receive smaller boxes because they are taking one or two high school independent study courses.  If you're worried about attending a distance education high school, think outside the box and enroll today.  Your first box of courses will arrive shortly, and we'll be happy to have you as our student!   

American School Closing at Noon December 19

American School will close at 12 noon on Tuesday, December 19, for a special event.  We will reopen with our normal hours on Wednesday, December 20.  Although we will have different hours than normal, students can always email us for assistance, and we will reply to those emails as quickly as possible.  We're pleased that so many students are taking high school independent study courses or online middle school courses with us while others are in our online high school diploma program or correspondence high school diploma program.  No matter your program, we're happy to serve you!

American School at 120 (Part 2)

In 1902, the Armour Institute (currently called the Illinois Institute of Technology) invited American School to Chicago to develop and improve its existing home study courses and home study methods.  Chicago was a transportation hub and had many museums and other educational institutions.  It was also close to St. Louis, host of the 1904 World's Fair at which the American School exhibited.  Courses were added, enrollments grew, and in 1907, just 10 years after its founding, the American School moved into a building of its own on 58th and Drexel in the shadow of the University of Chicago.  That building, which still stands as a historic site, was our home for nearly 90 years until we moved to our current location in the far south suburbs of Chicago.  The American School continued to grow and still others took notice.  Sidney Mitchell was principal at Benton Harbor High School in Michigan.  His idea was to have his students take American School courses to enrich their studies.  Thus, our independent study high school program was born.  To this day, we've helped countless students graduate from high school by taking high school independent study courses, while others have decided to earn a high school diploma at home directly from us.  Either way, we're happy to have helped more than 3 million students graduate high school.  Check back tomorrow for another installment of some of the great moments in American School history!


Today’s Birthday: Barack Obama

It's August 4, and Barack Obama turns 56 years old today.  American School does not take any political stands or endorse a particular party or politician, but there is a connection between us and the 44th President of the United States.  We both have roots in the Hyde Park neighborhood right by the University of Chicago.  In fact, the building that was our headquarters for nearly a century is still standing there surrounded by modern medical facilities.  Countless students took high school independent study courses or worked to earn a high school diploma at home through high school correspondence courses while we were based at 58th and Drexel, and our same commitment to offering outstanding curriculum and caring student service at an affordable cost continues to this day.

Today’s Anniversary: Piggly Wiggly

It's September 6, and on this date 100 years ago, the first self-service grocery store opened in Memphis, Tennessee.  For reasons still unknown, Clarence Saunders named it Piggly Wiggly, and the chain, which now has 600 stores in 17 states, has been in business for a century.  Before Piggly Wiggly, grocery stores were full-service places of business.  You'd show up, give a clerk the list of items you wanted, he or she would get them for you, you'd pay him or her, and you'd be on your way.  There were no shopping carts, no aisles, no checkout stands, and none of the other things we associate with shopping at a modern supermarket.  Piggly Wiggly's model gave the consumer more freedom, lowered prices, and became the model for supermarkets all across the country.  American School operates in much the same way.  We have everything from soup to nuts, so to speak, when it comes to paper-based high school courses, online high school courses and online middle school courses and we offer those courses at a very affordable cost.  You can take classes in core subject areas like English, math, science or social studies, or in specialty areas such as business, fine arts or world language.  In addition, you can take middle school and high school independent study courses for credit recovery or enrichment or take those courses as part of a package that will allow you to earn a high school diploma online for adults or children or a diploma with high school correspondence courses.  We think you'll go hog wild for us when you become our student, so enroll today!