Today’s Special Occasion: Valentine’s Day

It's February 14, and our blog is feeling the love today because it's Valentine's Day.  When we ask our students what they love most about studying with us, some will say our high school independent study program that allows them to graduate on time with their class.  Others like our general high school program or college preparatory program.  Lately, families are enjoying our accredited middle school program, too, but consistently the thing students like best about the American School is that we allow them to work at their own pace.  There's no pressure to keep up with classmates if you're falling behind and no need to slow down if you're mastering concepts that others aren't.  Many people also love that we're a non-profit school that keeps costs to a minimum.  What will you love best?  Enroll today and find out!

Today’s Anniversary: Indiana

It's December 11, and Indiana became a state on this date in 1816.  Since our offices are very close to the Indiana-Illinois border, we have many Hoosiers who work for us.  We also attend at least one convention in Indiana every year and are pleased that so many schools in Indiana use our high school independent study program for their students.  Of course, we're just as happy that many Hoosiers are enrolled in our accredited middle school program and accredited high school program as they work to earn a high school diploma at home.  Whether you live in Indiana or not, we'd love to serve you too.  Enroll today! 

State of Illinois Celebrates Bicentennial

It's December 3, and our home state of Illinois is celebrating 200 years of statehood today.  As Illinois celebrates its bicentennial, we are proud to say that we've been an Illinois business for more than half of that time.  We were founded in Massachusetts in 1897 but moved to Illinois in the early 1900s.  We've stayed here ever since.  In that time, we've served more than three million students through our accredited high school courses and print or online middle school courses.  Some of them wanted to earn a high school diploma at home, while others enrolled as part of a high school independent study program that resulted in them earning a diploma from a resident school.  We're proud to serve students in all 50 states and more than 65 countries around the world while being a proud Illinois business at the same time.  No matter where you live, we invite you to enroll today!     

2018 Convention #23: Indiana ISCA Fall Conference

Today's blog contains information about the final convention we're attending in 2018.  We're staying relatively close to home and attending the Indiana School Counselor Association Fall Conference at the Marriott East in Indianapolis.  Stop by table 57 on November 15 from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. and November 16 from 8 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.  We'll have information about our high school independent study program, online high school diploma program and correspondence high school diploma program available for counselors.  This year we've attended 23 conventions across the country and have done our best to meet students, parents and counselors at each one of them.  We've already begun planning our 2019 convention schedule, and we're excited to get back on the road early next year.  Thanks for meeting us this year, and if we missed you, we look forward to meeting you in 2019!

2018 Convention #8: ISCA Springfield

In addition to attending the Midwest Homeschool Convention in Cincinnati this week, we're attending a convention in our home state as well.  We'll be at the Illinois School Counselor Association Annual Conference in Springfield on April 13.  School counselors are invited to stop by our booth at the Crowne Plaza Springfield to learn more about our middle school and high school independent study courses.  We're happy to share information about our independent study high school programs that students may use to graduate on time with their classes, as well as our independent study middle school programs that students may use for credit recovery.  We enjoy serving students all across the country who wish to take our accredited high school courses and middle school courses, but particularly those in our home state of Illinois.  No matter where you live, we encourage you to enroll today!  

Today’s Anniversary: The New York Stock Exchange

It's March 8, and the New York Stock Exchange was founded on this date in 1817.  Though we are not a publicly-owned company, we monitor the NYSE as closely as we can because it has a major impact on the national and global economy.  You can learn more about the stock market by taking one or more of our accredited high school courses.  We have a paper-based Consumer Economics and Financial Literacy course and an online Economics course to offer you.  Although the stock market and go up and down and be very inconsistent, you can always count on our caring student service to assist you after you enroll and become our student.  We'd be happy to have you earn a high school diploma at home with us or enter our high school independent study program!