American School Closed Monday, October 14

American School will be closed Monday, October 14, in observance of Columbus Day.  We will reopen with regular business hours on Tuesday, October 15.  If you're willing to explore something new, why not consider enrolling with us?  We offer accredited high school courses online or in print and offer similar courses in our accredited middle school program.  Take them collectively to complete full grades or earn a high school diploma at home, or take them individually as part of an independent study high school program or simply for your own enrichment.  We'd be happy to have you as our student!

Today’s Anniversary: The Great Chicago Fire

It's October 8, and the Great Chicago Fire started on this date in 1871.  By the time it was contained two days later, most of the city had burned.  A few buildings survived the fire and remain standing to this day, including the Chicago Water Tower and Chicago Avenue Pumping Station on Michigan Avenue in downtown Chicago.  Nobody wants to think about fires, hurricanes, tornados or other disasters, but they happen.  We have taken steps to ensure your records are safe if a disaster ever strikes our building.  We keep records and other important documents in fireproof safes or cabinets.  In addition, records for students who take our accredited high school courses as part of a general high school or college preparatory program or through our independent study high school program are backed up by our internal record system on a regular basis.  The same is true for records of students who enroll in our accredited middle school program.  We even have records of students who enrolled with us shortly after we moved to a rebuilt Chicago in 1903.  Safe and accurate record-keeping is one reason why more than three million students have enrolled with us over the years.  You can be next by enrolling today!

Emails from

Today's blog has a reminder about emails you receive from  These emails are automated and are usually sent when you ask for or make changes to your online student center password.  Please DO NOT REPLY to these emails.  They are being sent automatically and the account is not checked for replies.  If you have questions about your accredited middle school program, accredited high school program or independent study high school program, please contact us using another email address.  Any emails sent to will not receive a reply.  Thank you for your cooperation.

Today’s Anniversary: George Washington’s Farewell Address

It's September 19, and George Washington's Farewell Address was published on this date in 1796.  These days, the speech would've been on every TV station and all over the internet, but back then it was published in the American Daily Advertiser, one of the first newspapers in the United States.  Although it wasn't a speech, it was one of the most important presidential addresses or documents in history.  In any given year, about 2000 people say farewell to American School and leave with a print or online high school diploma.  Others may take just one course with us through our independent study high school program.  Even after students complete their studies, we never say farewell to them.  We keep their records on file in case they ever need them in the future.  It's one of the many ways we make distance education as personal as possible.  Enroll today and make us your distance education high school or middle school!   

Rosetta Stone Receives Improvements

Recently our Rosetta Stone courses were updated and no longer include Adobe Flash.  Not having Adobe Flash should make these online high school courses and online middle school courses easier to use, and we are hopeful that one of the 22 languages we offer through Rosetta Stone will appeal to you.  More information is available here.  Learning a foreign language can help you in a number of ways, including helping you use English grammar and vocabulary more effectively.  A foreign language course would be a great addition to your accredited high school program or accredited middle school program, or you can take one as part of an independent study high school program or simply for enrichment.  We hope you'll say "bonjour" to us and enroll today!


Emails from

Today's blog is about emails being sent from the email address.  This email address is used only to send automated announcements from the online student center to the email you have on file with us.  Typical emails sent from this address include those which discuss grades, email address changes and password updates.  This email address is not checked, so please do not reply to any email you receive from  You will not receive a reply.  If you have questions about your accredited high school program, accredited middle school program or independent study high school courses, please contact our student service department.  Thank you for your cooperation.

Today’s Birthday: George Eastman

It's July 12, and George Eastman was born on this date in 1854.  He founded Eastman Kodak, invented roll film and is considered instrumental in making photography accessible to the general public.  Our two photography courses have proven to be popular electives for students in our accredited high school program as well as popular options for students in our independent study high school program who need to recover a credit at their local high schools.  We offer Photography in print and Digital Photography online, which is an example of how we try to offer courses in multiple formats to best suit our students' needs.  Some students like learning on paper, while others enjoy learning online.  It's one of the reasons why we're always listed among the best distance education high schools and middle schools.  Most people smile in photographs, and we hope you'll be smiling after you take our courses.  Get started and enroll today!

Today’s Special Occasion: The MLB All-Star Game

It's July 9, and today the Major League Baseball All-Star Game will take place at Progressive Field in Cleveland.  We write about the MLB All-Star Game every year because it was the subject of the very first American School blog entry way back in 2006.  The theme of that blog was how the American School can help you become an all-star, and although 13 years have gone by since that entry, the basic premise remains the same.  Enrolling in our high school correspondence courses and online high school courses will give you a solid education that will be helpful as you think about going to college or joining the workforce.  You'll work at your own pace and have the full support of our staff along the way.  Back in 2006 we didn't have print or online middle school courses, but you can be an all-star in grades 6-8 if you enroll and take those courses before moving on to high school.  As usual, all of our courses may be taken collectively if you wish to complete full years or earn a high school diploma at home or individually as part of an independent study high school or middle school program or to supplement an existing homeschool program.  If you want to become an all-star in grades 6-12 and beyond, we invite you to step into the batter's box and enroll with us today! 

2019 Convention #18: ASCA Annual Conference

This weekend we're heading to Boston, where the American School was founded in 1897, to attend the American School Counselor Association Annual Conference.  Counselors are invited to visit us in booth 1011 at the Hynes Convention Center on June 29 from 2:30 to 5:30 p.m.; June 30 from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.; and July 1 from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m.  We'll have information about our independent study high school program which students and schools may use for credit recovery purposes as well as our print and online high school diploma program, which may be useful for the potential dropout.  We'll also have details about our accredited middle school program for counselors who work with students in grades 6-8.  If all that sounds good to you, we have something else that you may like just as much.  We're participating in a scavenger hunt, and everyone who stops by our booth and has his or her card stamped will be in the running for a free $100 Target gift card.  The ASCA Annual Conference is a can't-miss convention for us, and we want our booth to be can't-miss for you as well.  Come visit us in Boston this weekend! 

Today’s Special Occasion: The First Day of Summer

It's June 21, and today is the first day of summer.  Many people do not think about school at all during the summer.  Instead they choose to focus on nice warm weather, trips to the beach, vacations and more.  All of those things are perfectly fine, but many American School students opt to focus on school during the summer months.  Some may take individual subjects through an independent study high school program so that they can recover credits in time for the start of the next school year.  Others who enroll in a print or online college preparatory program or print or online general high school program may want to work ahead so that they can graduate earlier than expected.  Some may enroll in print or online middle school courses to get a head start on their peers.  We are open 12 months a year and accept enrollments 12 months a year.  If you are ready to make us your distance education high school or middle school, we invite you to enroll and make the first day of summer memorable.  If you do so, there's a good chance you'll have your first course completed by the first day of fall!