Testimonial Thursday

It's our first Testimonial Thursday of the new year, and today's words come from Alexandra from Illinois, who writes, "I thought everything was great!  The American School allowed me to take a required class to graduate my high school that didn’t fit into my schedule with my AP classes."  We thank Alexandra for her comments, which serve as a reminder of another purpose of our Independent Study Program.  Most people equate Independent Study with credit recovery, and while credit recovery is a primary use for that program, it is not the only one.  It can be also used for scheduling conflicts such as Alexandra described or to supplement an already existing high school curriculum by adding to it a course we offer but the resident high school does not.  Now is the time to start thinking about the courses you will need if you are planning on graduating in the spring.  Enroll today and you should have plenty of time to complete your course(s) before wearing your cap and gown in May or June.