Testimonial Thursday

It's Thursday, so let's present another testimonial from one of our students.  Today Alaa from Missouri writes, "I think the American School is amazing.  I would recommend this school to students whether they need to recover a credit or want to get ahead by earning a credit."  We appreciate those words and wish to use them to discuss the dual purpose of our Independent Study Program, which serves students who attend brick and mortar high schools.  One purpose is credit recovery.  This time of year, many students from across the country are taking one or more courses with us in the hope of graduating on time with their classes.  Another group will take courses with us over the summer so that they may be ready for the next grade when school resumes in the fall.  As Alaa points out, however, there is a second purpose.  Students at resident high schools can take our courses to get ahead, perhaps by taking one of our online courses in a subject area that isn't available at their school, or they can take one of our courses to avoid a scheduling conflict.  We are proud to serve these students and their schools and invite others to enroll today!

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