Testimonial Thursday

It's Thursday, so let's hear a testimonial from one of our students.  Normally we'd identify the student by first name and hometown, but we're keeping this one anonymous other than to tell you that she is in her 30s, owns her own business and was commenting on her instructor's feedback on a recent exam in our online  Life Management Skills course..  She writes, "Thank you for believing in me.  Your response made a difference to me.  It gave me encouragement that I can do it as long as I try.  And I wanted to see that if I didn't rush could I do it better.  And I saw that.  It's just owning a business and schooling was hard, but I may have figured something out like I did last night.  Thanks again."  We're thankful for those thoughts.  They verify that our instructors write detailed personalized comments on every exam they grade, and they also serve as a reminder that anyone can enroll with us.  We are grateful to have students of all ages, of all backgrounds and from all 50 states who are taking individual courses for enrichment or credit recovery or who are working toward their accredited high school diplomas.

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