Testimonial Thursday

It's December 6, the first Thursday of the month and a great opportunity to present a testimonial from one of our students.  Today's comes from Jessica from Illinois, who writes, "I completed all my coursework four days before my 15th birthday and went on to become a registered nurse.  I was able to do this without the aid of a tutor because the courses provided everything I needed to complete them without any extra assistance!"  We thank Jessica for her kind words, which allow us to point out some unique things about our programs.  First of all, you'll notice that Jessica finished her American School courses at age 14.  While most of our students do earn their diplomas around the ages of 17 or 18, it's not unusual for students to earn their diplomas at different ages.  Some of them finish up at age 14 like Jessica or at age 9 like Dr. Sho Yano.  Others, for a variety of reasons, wait until well into adulthood to enroll.  It should also be noted that our courses prepare our students for a variety of careers.  Jessica becoming a registered nurse is just one example, but many other careers are listed in the profiles of our famous students and graduates on our Community page.  Finally, we'd like to point out that our courses, as Jessica mentioned, are self-contained and designed to be self-taught.  Although it is permissible for you to receive outside assistance, many students teach themselves by reading the textbook and study guide carefully.  If you do need assistance, you can always contact us via phone or email and we will assist you.  In conclusion, we are grateful for the feedback we receive from Jessica and many of our other students.  Very soon we will inform you of another way for you to give us feedback.  Check this blog and our Facebook page tomorrow for more details!