Time Running Out To Enroll In AP Courses

Today's blog is a reminder that students have until September 28 to enroll in AP courses for the 2018-19 academic year.  You may ask yourself why there is a deadline to enroll in AP courses since elsewhere we trumpet the fact that students can start anytime and finish anytime.  AP courses are different.  Everything in an AP course leads up to the AP exam students take in the spring at local high schools.  In order to best prepare students to take that exam, we require that students enroll in the summer and early fall.  In addition, AP courses are recommended for seniors and, in rare instances, juniors.  Many of them have prerequisites that freshmen and sophomores have not completed.  The AP page on our web site has all the information you need, including enrollment applications.  If you are interested and meet the prerequisites, add them to your accredited high school program or take them as part of an independent study high school program.  We'd be happy to serve you!