Today’s Anniversary: American School Blogger

It's September 15, and on this date in 1998, the person who regularly writes this blog started at American School.  As you can guess, a lot has happened in the last 16 years.  For one thing, this blog didn't exist back then.  Neither did the Online Student Center and Online Counselor Office, our online courses and online exams, or our Facebook and Twitter pages.  If this very web site even existed back then, it was in its very early stages and definitely looks nothing like it does today.  As you can see, technology has played a huge role in making American School the school it is today, but some things haven't changed in the past 16 years.  We continue to offer a wide variety of paper-based courses and have no plans to change that and go entirely online because we know some students prefer to learn on paper while others prefer to learn online.  It's our job to deliver courses in ways that give students the best chance for success.  In addition, we have a caring staff which is dedicated to helping students learn efficiently, whether their job is to enroll students, grade exams, send more supplies and books, handle billing inquiries, or take care of any of the other responsibilities entrusted to employees throughout the building.  We still keep our tuition to an absolute minimum and do our best to ensure that no student is denied the opportunity to receive a high school education because of financial issues.  And finally, we continue to take our accreditation very seriously and are now accredited by three reputable accrediting bodies.  All of us, whether we've been employed by American School for 16 days, 16 months, 16 years or even longer than that as have many of our employees, look forward to serving you after you enroll and become our student.

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