Today’s Anniversary: Baby Geese at American School

It's May 13, and on this date in 2008, baby geese hatched in our parking lot.  This was a momentous occasion for those of us who watched the goose and gander take turns sitting on the eggs and keeping watch over the nest for weeks before the goslings arrived.  In the days that followed their births, we watched the baby geese change and grow: shedding their down feathers and developing more permanent ones, learning how to walk (even across four lanes of traffic to a pond across the street) and eventually learning how to fly.  We can only wonder where those geese are now, but in the short time they lived on our property, they reminded us of how we help our students change and grow.  We provide a safe haven for students who have struggled in brick and mortar schools or who have always wished to earn their diplomas from their own homes.  We provide the skills and training necessary to help you improve academically, and after we send you your diploma, we give you your wings and encourage you to fly away and pursue whatever academic or career path you choose.  If you wish to hatch your American School career, we invite you to enroll today!   

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