Today’s Anniversary: Burger King

It's December 4, and the very first Burger King opened in Miami on this date in 1954.  Burger King's most famous sandwich is the Whopper, but sometimes the word whopper can have negative connotations.  That's because one definition of a whopper is a lie.  Here at American School, we take our credibility very seriously.  Therefore, we do not lie to students, parents or counselors.  We value truthfulness in all communications, including our advertising efforts.  We know you have many choices if you wish to earn a high school diploma at home, and we don't want you to have any surprises after you enroll.  We are honest and give you all required information about our general high school program, college preparatory program and independent study high school program for students in grades 9-12 and our accredited middle school program for students in grades 6-8.  Our refund policy is clearly stated on our enrollment applications.  We are forthright about all costs you might incur during your enrollment period.  Don't be fooled by whoppers some of our competitors might tell you.  Enroll with us instead!