Today’s Anniversary: Instagram

It's October 6, and Instagram debuted on this date in 2010.  At this time, American School does not have an official Instagram page, but we are on two other social media sites.  We use Twitter to share important news items about new courses, school closings and more, but we use Facebook far more often.  Visitors to our Facebook page see our daily blog posts and also see an article related to education later in the day.  Our Twitter and Facebook pages are closely monitored because we want to create a safe online environment for any visitors to those pages.  Some visitors might be looking for a place where they can earn a high school diploma at home.  Others might be interested in print or online middle school courses.  Still others may want to take individual subjects for enrichment or for credit recovery through our independent study high school program.  Whatever the reason, we are happy to connect with you on our social media sites and hope you will join us there.