Today’s Anniversary: Scotch Tape

It's September 8, and 3M began marketing scotch tape on this date in 1930.  Scotch tape has many uses, but it is especially popular when it comes to wrapping birthday or Christmas presents.  Think of the best present or gift that you ever received.  Did it bring happiness to your life?  Probably.  Did it radically change your life for the better?  Maybe.  A high school diploma is the gift that keeps on giving.  Over time, people with a paper-based or online high school diploma earn hundreds of thousands of dollars more than their peers who do not have their diplomas.  An online high school diploma for adults or children or a correspondence high school diploma for adults or children can help you have the life you've always wanted.  In turn, your children and your family will have a better life.  Scotch tape also is transparent, and so is American School.  The terms and conditions of your enrollment in our accredited high school program are clearly described on the enrollment application, and there will be no surprises or hidden fees along the way.  Enroll today, and within four years you'll be able to unwrap the best gift of all: a high school diploma from American School.