Today’s Anniversary: The Adding Machine

It's August 21, and William Seward Burroughs patented the first adding machine on this date in 1888.  Over the years adding machines were replaced by calculators, which are smaller and can do more things than the original adding machine.  Simple calculators perform basic math operations such as addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, while others can perform higher-level math operations and even show graphs.  As you take print and online middle school courses and print and online high school courses with us, it's important to note what kind of calculators are allowed or recommended.  Some math courses require you to have a graphing calculator.  Others might prohibit the use of calculators altogether.  Information may be found in the individual course descriptions or by contacting us.  Whether you use an adding machine or any type of calculator, it's also important to note that your savings will add up after you enroll with us.  We offer all-inclusive tuition into our accredited middle school program and accredited high school program.  That means you don't pay a separate enrollment fee and then have to purchase study materials on top of that.  Compare our outstanding curriculum and affordable tuition to what is offered by our competitors, and we're confident you'll make us your school of choice.  Enroll now!