Today’s Anniversary: The Assembly Line

It's December 1, and on this date in 1913, the Ford Motor Company introduced the first moving assembly line.  We thought this anniversary might be a good occasion to tell you how your exams move throughout our building after you submit them as part of your correspondence high school diploma program or independent study high school program.  When they arrive, exams are sent to our mail table, where they are opened and sorted by subject.  Then they move to the exam distribution office which further separates and organizes them.  After that, they're given to our instructors, who are trained to call students by name and write constructive feedback on every exam they grade.  After exams are graded in the order in which they are received, they return to the exam distribution office and later recorded in our grading system.  Shortly after they are recorded, grades appear in the online student center.  Finally, graded exams are placed in envelopes and mailed back to our students.  The whole process is like an assembly line, and we are grateful to have so many exams from students who are working to earn a high school diploma at home with American School!