Today’s Anniversary: The Battle of Marathon

It's September 12, and today is the traditional date of the Battle of Marathon, which took place in ancient Greece in 490 B.C.  The Greeks beat the Persians that day, and legend has it that a runner travelled 26.2 miles on foot to announce the victory to the Athenians, thus giving rise to the race that now is called a marathon.  In some ways, earning your online high school diploma or correspondence high school diploma is like training for and running a marathon.  You may think of it as a daunting task, but with proper pacing, you will finish the race and earn a high school diploma at home as your prize.  American School allows students to set their own pace.  They work when and where it is comfortable for them.  Our students can go faster on some courses in their general high school or college preparatory program if the course material comes naturally to them, or they can take their time on courses that may be more difficult for them.  Take the first step toward the life you want and enroll today!