Today’s Anniversary: The Bill of Rights

It's December 15, and the Bill of Rights was ratified on this date in 1791.  These first ten amendments to the United States Constitution give us some of our most famous freedoms, and you can learn more about them by taking our paper-based Social Civics course or our online Government course.  Social Civics is worth a full unit of credit, and Government is worth a half unit of credit.  We should also note that students who live in the state of Illinois need to take an exam that covers the United States Consitution and other important state and federal documents, and information on this test will be given to you after you enroll.  We are proud to offer these government courses and exams as well as many other courses in online and paper-based formats.  You can view all of our course offerings here and then exercise your freedom of choice to enroll with us!

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