Today’s Anniversary: The Chicago World’s Fair

It's October 21, and dedication ceremonies for the Chicago World's Fair were held on this date in 1892.  The fair was held on the south side of Chicago near the University of Chicago, and a few years after the fair ended, American School moved to that part of town.  We stayed there until 1996, when we moved to our current location in a south suburb of Chicago, but our ties to the city still run deep.  Just as Chicago welcomed the world in 1892 and 1893, we welcome students from all over the world.  In fact, students from more than 65 countries take American School's high school correspondence courses, online high school courses, middle school correspondence courses and online middle school courses, and we are happy to serve those students.  For international students, we recommend online courses since sometimes materials for print courses can be delayed in customs.  We also ask that international students interested in our accredited high school program have their transcripts evaluated by NACES before enrolling.  No matter where you live–in Chicagoland, in the United States or abroad–we'd be happy to serve you.  Enroll today!