Today’s Anniversary: The Cyclone Roller Coaster

It's June 26, and on this date in 1927 the Cyclone roller coaster opened at Coney Island.  It's one of the most famous wooden roller coasters in the world, but we know that roller coasters aren't just confined to amusement parks.  Your high school career can be a roller coaster with ups and downs, courses that will appeal to you and others that don't, and exams that you will breeze through and others that will give you trouble.  That's why it's important to attend a school that can give you reliable caring student service.  Our staff is available to assist you whenever you need help, whether you need more books, have a question about your exam, can't access our online student center or an online course, need to pay a bill, or more.  Enroll today and let us help you have a smooth ride en route to your accredited high school diploma. 

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