Today’s Anniversary: The Day That Didn’t Exist

It's October 12, and this date didn't happen in 1582 for residents of Italy, Poland, Portugal and Spain.  Those four countries were transitioning from one calendar to another, and to make calendars match, October 12 was eliminated.  All of us have had days we'd like to forget, but that's not possible in our modern world.  Maybe some of those your days have been caused by your education or lack thereof.  You've struggled on a test or in a course.  You dropped out of school.  You've given up.  American School can help you have better days ahead.  As a leading distance education high school, we serve students of all ages who want to obtain an online or correspondence high school diploma.  We give credit for courses completed at accredited schools, so you won't have to start over from the beginning.  Our monthly payment program ensures taking an online or high school correspondence class won't be a burden on you.  You'll work at your own pace and have the support of our instructors and staff.  Make today a day to remember by restarting your education and enrolling with us!