Today’s Anniversary: The Eight-Hour Workday

It’s January 5, and on this date in 1914, the Ford Motor Company instituted the eight-hour workday.   The eight-hour workday might seem commonplace to us now, but more than a century ago, labor laws were not always friendly to employees.  Very long shifts of up to 10 or 12 or even 16 hours were the norm, and some companies required employees to work six days a week at those long hours.  Other companies used child labor to their advantage.  We are happy to report that American School follows all modern labor laws, but we are mentioning the eight-hour workday for another reason.  When you enroll in our accredited high school program or accredited middle school program, you choose the length of your workday.  That’s because all of our students work at their own pace.  If you want to work two hours a day, you can.  If you want to work eight hours a day, you can.  If you want to work 10 or 12 or even 16 hours a day, you can, though we don’t necessarily recommend it.  You can even work zero hours a day here and there, but don’t do that too often.  Otherwise you will never earn a high school diploma at home.  The ability to work at their own pace is always the main reason why students choose to study with American School.  We believe you’ll feel the same way.  Take the first step and enroll today!