Today’s Anniversary: The National Security Agency

It's November 4, and the National Security Agency was founded on this date in 1952.  The NSA's anniversary is a good day for us to tell you the steps we take to keep your personal information safe and secure.  Our internal student record system is password-protected and backed up weekly.  That means that your records are always safe and secure.  In addition, our internal email system and office computers all have the latest security technology which allows our staff to communicate with students safely.  All of our students have access to a password-protected online student center.  Students who take our high school correspondence courses can log on to the site to do their exams online or review their records.  Students who take our online high school courses or online middle school courses also must enter a user name and password before accessing those courses.  As you can see, we have many security features in place to keep our students and staff safe.  Discover them for yourself by enrolling today!