Today’s Anniversary: The Otis Elevator

It's March 23, and on this date in 1857, Elisha Otis installed his first elevator.  Today Otis elevators are in buildings all over the world, including two at the American School's office.  As you know, elevators can take you to new heights if you're standing on the ground floor.  Maybe you're on the ground floor with your education, or you're somewhere in the middle and wish to go to the highest possible floor and earn a high school diploma at home.  Whatever your situation, American School would be proud to serve you and have you as our student.  If you've previously completed some high school courses, send us a transcript from your previous school.  We'll evaluate it and let you know what high school correspondence courses or online high school courses you'll need to take in order to earn your diploma from American School.  We're accredited by three major accrediting bodies, so your diploma would carry the same merit and value as a diploma from a traditional school.  Get on board with American School and enroll today.  You'll be glad you did!