Today’s Anniversary: The Post Office

It's July 26, and on this date in 1775, the United States Post Office Department was established.  Lately there's been a lot of attention paid to our online high school diploma program and online middle school courses, and rightfully so since those programs offer students new ways to learn.  That said, we've offered a correspondence high school diploma program for decades, and we wouldn't be able to do that without the post office.  We mail students study materials, students mail us exams, we return students' graded exams, and ultimately a student completes an accredited high school program to earn a high school diploma at home entirely through the mail.  While online courses increase in popularity, a huge number of people want correspondence courses, and so we have no plans to discontinue sending paper courses through the mail.  In fact, we'll be adding more middle school and high school correspondence courses very soon.  Stay tuned!