Today’s Anniversary: The Price is Right

It's September 4, and The Price is Right premiered on this date in 1972.  Longtime blog readers might remember that we did a whole week of blogs related to the show in 2007 when longtime host Bob Barker retired, but today's blog won't be a Cliff Hanger.  We'll get straight to the point and tell you that, whether you want to enroll in a print or online high school diploma program, accredited middle school program or one of our independent study high school programs, our price is right!  We keep costs to an absolute minimum, and our tuition always includes all study materials, grading, access to the online student center and more.  Other distance education high schools might seem to have cheaper prices, but they often charge for courses by semester, ask you to pay for study materials and do not include other services in their fees.  When you combine our outstanding curriculum with our affordable prices, we believe we're the best option for you.  Enroll today!