Today’s Anniversary: The Wright Brothers’ First Attempt to Fly

It's December 14, and on this date in 1903, the Wright Brothers attempted to fly their plane, the Wright Flyer, for the first time.  Unfortunately, the plane never got off the ground.  After regrouping and repairing the plane, they tried again three days later, and on December 17 they made history at Kitty Hawk, North Carolina.  After you enroll and become our student, it is important to stick with your courses and keep your end goal in mind.  You'll have struggles and disappointments and maybe even some failures along the way.  Don't give up!  Our staff is here to support you and help in any way we can.  With hard work and encouragement, you'll get yourself off the ground and soar upwards and one day reach your goal of earning an accredited high school diploma from American School!   

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