Today’s Birthday: Charles Ringling

It's December 2, and Charles Ringling, who co-founded the Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey Circus, was born on this date in 1863.  His birthday is a good occasion to review American School's relationship with his circus and other circuses that travel the country.  Because performers and children of performers are never in one place for very long due to the circus criss-crossing the country via train, it's difficult for people to attend school in a classroom setting.  Circuses have used American School materials to provide an accredited high school education for their performers and family members for many years.  They can study anytime, anywhere, even on long overnight train rides from one destination to the next.  Because our courses are available in online and paper-based formats, they can study in the way that is most convenient to them as well.  We are happy to have relationships with many circuses and value those students as much as we value our students who study from home.  You can join them by enrolling today!

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