Today’s Birthday: Danica McKellar

It's January 3, and actress and mathematician Danica McKellar turns 44 years old today.  She's been a long-time favorite of this blog ever since she starred as Winnie Cooper on The Wonder Years, but these days Danica has become a successful author.  You can learn about some of her books by clicking the link in this blog.  While we do not endorse any of them specifically, you may find them helpful as you learn math in our online middle school courses, high school correspondence courses or online high school courses.  Danica's success as an actress and as a mathematician can also be an example to you that you do not have to be successful in one area of your life by sacrificing another.  It's perfectly fine to be a talented actor or athlete and also be smart and do well in school.  For our part, we enjoy helping our students become successful at whatever career they want and are happy to serve students all over the world!