Today’s Birthday: Frank Lloyd Wright

It's June 8, and architect Frank Lloyd Wright was born on this date in 1867.  Many of the homes and buildings designed by Frank Lloyd Wright are located in and around Chicago.  In fact, one of his most famous homes is located just down the road from our former headquarters in the Hyde Park neighborhood of Chicago.  When you enroll and become an American School student, you'll become the architect of your own education.  Whether you enroll in our new middle school program or in our accredited high school program, you'll have room to take electives of your choice.  There's room for one elective in each year of middle school, and over the course of four years in our general high school program or college preparatory program, you'll take at least three electives and up to five electives as part of your program depending on the program you choose.  After that, you can take additional electives at the regular individual subject price.  You can use those elective slots to take classes that are of particular interest to you or ones that may help you on your career path.  We offer the best online high school courses, paper-based high school courses and online middle school courses around, but we're not satisfied.  In fact, we're doing some building of our own this summer.  By July 1, we'll have even more accredited online high school courses for you, and we hope to add additional paper-based high school and middle school courses soon as well.