Today’s Birthday: Jeff Samardzija

It's January 23, and Chicago Cubs pitcher Jeff Samardzija turns 29 years old today.  He's been a favorite athlete of at least a couple American School employees ever since he was catching passes and scoring touchdowns as an All-American wide receiver on Notre Dame's football team in the mid-2000s.  Each year when football season ended, he would make the transition to baseball, where several of his college teammates gave him the nickname he still has today–Shark.  Have you ever thought of yourself as a dual threat or someone who can excel in two different things like Jeff did?  The American School can help you do just that, in part because we allow you to study whenever and wherever it's convenient for you.  Think about it.  You could devote your daytime hours to one of your interests that could turn into a possible career and then devote your evening hours to studying your American School courses entirely at your own pace.  We now have several different online learning options for you to sink your teeth into, or you can take our equally rigorous paper-based courses.  Either way, we're confident you'll hit it out of the park as an American School student, so enroll today!