Today’s Birthday: Mary Todd Lincoln

It's December 13, and Mary Todd Lincoln was born on this date in 1818.  She was, of course, married to Abraham Lincoln and served as First Lady from 1861-1865 while her husband was President of the United States.  A couple of recent themes in our blog have been historical sites and the movies.  Last week on Pearl Harbor Day we said a few words about visiting national parks and monuments dedicated to World War 2 and making history come alive.  Earlier this week, we mentioned Sir Kenneth Branagh on his birthday and talked about how seeing and hearing plays or other works of literature can help students as they read.  Tomorrow we'll have another example of that.  Today, though, connects both historical sites and movies.  Mary Todd Lincoln is buried next to her husband in Springfield, Illinois.  If you are ever in Illinois's state capital, you can visit the Lincoln grave site, as well as the Lincoln Library and Museum, which opened in 2004.  If you're in Washington, D.C., you can see a play at Ford's Theatre, the site of President Lincoln's assassination.  If you're in a different kind of theater in Springfield, Washington or your hometown, you can see the Golden Globe-nominated movie Lincoln, which is one director's interpretation of Abraham Lincoln's life and his relationships with Mary Todd Lincoln and others.  Look around you for various ways to enhance your American School experience.  You might be surprised at how many places and things are available in your hometown or on the Internet!