Today’s Birthday: Michelangelo

It's March 6, and on this date in 1475, the famous artist Michelangelo was born.  He was a true Renaissance man, excelling in sculpture, architecture and painting.  Many of his works have religious themes.  He sculpted the Pieta and David, and if you are following the upcoming papal conclave in Rome, you'll assuredly see the dome of St. Peter's, which he designed, as well as pictures of the inside of the Sistine Chapel, where he painted the walls and ceiling in spectacular fashion from 1508 to 1512.  The American School offers three art courses if you fancy yourself to be a future Michelangelo.  Our art courses are one example of the specialty courses we offer to suit everyone's interests.  We also offer an array of home living, building, vocational and foreign language courses, just to name a few.  Enroll today and you'll be able to take some of these as your electives while you work toward your accredited high school diploma.