Today’s Birthday: Ole Kirk Christiansen

It's April 7, and Ole Kirk Christiansen was born on this date in 1891.  He may not be a household name, but we're pretty sure you've heard of the company he founded in 1947.  In fact, you probably have some of that company's items in your house now or played with some of that company's items when you were a child.  That's because Ole Kirk Christiansen founded Lego in 1947, and the Danish company has sold billions and billions of plastic bricks all over the world since then.  When it comes to taking accredited high school courses to earn a high school diploma at home, you might think of it as building your favorite Lego creation.  Your high school correspondence courses and accredited online high school courses build on each other.  When you have 18 of them put together, we'll send you an accredited online or correspondence high school diploma.  As with Lego, there are endless possibilities what your final curriculum will look like.  That's because both our General High School and College Preparatory Programs offer room for electives of your choice and allow you to transfer credits from an accredited school if you've already earned high school credit.  Take the first step toward building the life you want and enroll with us today.