Today’s Birthday: The American School Blog

It's July 11, and the American School Blog made its debut 10 years ago today.  In 2006, July 11 was the date of the Major League Baseball All-Star Game in Pittsburgh, and so our first blog was about how you can be an all-star student after you enroll with American School.  A decade later, that still holds true.  Our students enjoy working at their own pace and getting assistance as needed from our qualified instructors.  They also appreciate outstanding curriculum, caring student service, affordable cost and impeccable credibility.  Those things haven't changed in a decade, but plenty of other things have.  We now have online high school courses and online middle school courses, including world languages through Rosetta Stone.  This fall we'll be adding even more courses that will keep us at the top of the list of distance education high schools.  We're grateful for your support of this blog and look forward to sharing many more posts with you in our second decade of blogging!