Today’s Birthday: The American School Blog

It's July 11, and on this date in 2006, the American School Blog posted its very first entry.  A lot has happened in the past eight years, most notably the expansion of our online learning offerings.  When we started this blog, we had no online courses whatsoever, and our web site as a whole was a far cry from what it is today.  Now we have more than 40 online courses, with more to come this fall.  We're even planning to offer AP courses starting in August or September.  In addition, we've added several other online services.  Students can enroll and then make monthly payments.  They can also take online exams in select paper-based courses and check their progress in the Online Student Center.  We are happy to provide these online services to complement our long-standing paper-based services, and we're grateful for the students who use these services as well as everyone who reads our blog on a daily basis. 

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