Today’s Birthday: The American School

It's December 17, and on this date in 1897, the American School received its charter to operate as a non-for-profit school.  R.T. Miller, who was the principal founder of the American School, was an educational pioneer.  In an age when a college education was primarily for the wealthy, technical schools were virtually non-existent and grade school completion was the exception.  Miller (pictured) wanted to expand educational opportunities, and his idea for doing so was to offer vocational and technical training through correspondence courses.  Over time, we grew and moved our headquarters from Boston to Chicago, where we have remained since the early 20th century.  Our focus has changed over time as well, from concentrating on vocational and technical courses to offering two high school diploma programs as well as an independent study program for students who wish to take individual courses for credit recovery or enrichment purposes while attending a local high school.  In the coming year, the American School plans to develop a wider variety of online learning offerings so that R.T. Miller's mission of providing a quality, cost-effective education to anyone who might desire one may continue for years to come.