Today’s Birthday: William Hunding

It's January 30, the birthday of American School President Emeritus William Hunding, who passed away last September.  His birthday is a good time to reflect on the seven men who have served as President of the American School.  Our first president was also our founder, R.T. Miller, who served from 1897-1945.  He oversaw the launch of the American School, our move from Boston to Chicago, the construction of our own building and the rapid growth of our home study program.  He was succeeded by James McKinney, who was president from 1945-1957.  Before becoming president, he served as educational director and vice-president for nearly a quarter century.  In 1957, C.M. Elliott took over the presidency.  He was R.T. Miller's secretary and worked for the American School for 37 years before taking the reins.  In 1970, 48 years after starting his American School career, W.K. Lasher became president.  At just five years, his presidency was the shortest, and he was succeeded in 1975 by William Wright, who spent the last half of his 34 years with the American School as president.  In 1992, William Hunding took over and remained in office until he retired in 2006.  He was an American School employee from 1967-2006 and continued to serve as a trustee until the time of his death.  Our current president is Gary R. Masterton, who has been at the helm while the School transititions from a strictly correspondence school to one that offers a robust mix of paper-based and online learning options.  The fact that we have had only seven presidents in our 117-year history is a testimony both to those who have held the office as well as to the stability of the American School itself.