Today’s Special Occasion: 12-12-12

It's December 12, 2012, and if you use a popular abbreviation for today's date, you come up with 12-12-12, which is the last sequential date this century.  As you might imagine, various media outlets are having fun with today's date.  USA Today lists a series of interesting facts and figures associated with the number 12, and ESPN takes a look at some of the most famous athletes who wore the #12.  Today is certainly a day for people who like numbers and enjoy working with them and sometimes having fun with them.  Mathematicians fit that description, but the American School has math courses to satisfy everyone's interest and skill level.  Two of them, Geometry and Algebra 2, even contain exactly 12 exams each!  Today's date is memorable, but you can make it even more memorable by enrolling with us.  Rest assured that your accredited American School diploma will always carry value and prestige, even when the next sequential date rolls around on January 1, 2101.