Today’s Special Occasion: A Leap Second

It's June 30, and today a leap second will be added to clocks all over the world.  The link in the previous sentence contains a detailed explanation of why we're adding an extra second today, but here is a shorter version.  It doesn't take the earth exactly 365 days to go around the sun.  It's more like 365 1/4 days, which is why once every four years February 29 shows up on the calendar, but it's not exactly 365 1/4 days either.  That's why here and there we add these leap seconds.  They may make a small difference to us now, but if we didn't add them, eventually time would get messed up, and it would be scorching hot in December and freezing cold in June.  The leap second is a good reminder that even the little things mean a lot.  You may be working on something you believe to be inconsequential in a course, but every assignment, question, project and exam is important to you and your overall academic success.  Make every second count and make every question count as you work toward your American School diploma!

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