Today’s Special Occasion: Big Block of Cheese Day

It's January 29, the day after the annual State of the Union address, and the White House is holding what it's calling the Big Block of Cheese Day.  Back in 1837, Andrew Jackson held an open house at the White House, and the centerpiece of that event was literally a big block of cheddar cheese that weighed more than half a ton.  Guests to the White House sliced a piece of cheese for themselves and then walked around talking with government leaders.  Times have changed quite a bit since then, especially when it comes to security, so today's Big Block of Cheese Day is going to be done virtually over social media and other internet sites.  We invite you to click on the link above if you wish to participate, and don't forget that you can interact with us on social media too.  Visit our Facebook and Twitter pages to learn more.  We'd love to hear from you there!