Today’s Special Occasion: Boss’s Day

It's October 16, and today is Boss's Day.  Like any company, we have a hierarchy and several supervisors here, but we are not the boss when it comes to your education.  That's because we let students and their parents be in control.  They can pick the accredited online middle school courses or accredited high school courses online that are best for the student if the student wishes to study online, or pick the middle school and high school correspondence courses for the student if the student wishes to study on paper.  Moreover, students design their own study schedule and decide which subjects to study at which time.  Our online courses have pacing guides, but ultimately the student is the boss of how quickly he or she moves through a course.  Over the years we've asked hundreds of students what they like best about studying with us, and most of them say it's the ability to work at their own pace.  In other words, it's the ability to be their own boss, not falling behind in a classroom that's moving too quickly or not dragging their feet waiting for the classroom to catch up.  Be your own boss and enroll with us today!