Today’s Special Occasion: Cyber Monday

It's the Monday after Thanksgiving, also known as Cyber Monday because it's the day that many online retailers offer sales on the heels of Black Friday.  Today's the perfect occasion to discuss the many online offerings and services we have for our students.  We are proud to offer online diploma programs which are comprised of 18 of our online courses.  If you wish to take individual online courses, you can do that too and make up credit or enrich an existing homeschool program.  If you're in our paper-based diploma program or taking one of our paper-based courses on an individual basis, chances are you have the option to take your exams online since we offer online exams for most of our paper-based courses.  We have an Online Student Center and Online Counselor Office where students, parents and school officials can access academic records, receive assistance and much more.  As a side note, check back tomorrow to learn about the latest addition to the Online Student Center.  Finally, we've made it safe and easy to enroll online.  Once we receive your application, you'll be able to start working toward your accredited high school diploma in a matter of days.  You may find other deals today, but you won't find one better than earning your accredited high school diploma for as little as $100 a month.  Enroll today!  

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