Today’s Special Occasion: Cyber Monday

It's November 26, the Monday after Thanksgiving and the day traditionally known as Cyber Monday.  Today's blog will highlight some of the online resources we have for our students.  We have a solid lineup of quality online middle school courses and online high school courses.  Included in those accredited online high school courses are world language courses powered by Rosetta Stone.  In addition, we have online exams available in many of our print courses.  Even if you don't take any online classes or exams, you can still log into our Online Student Center to view your grades and receive additional assistance.  Finally, if you don't want to take online courses, online exams or even use the Online Student Center, you're on our web site right now reading this blog, and elsewhere on our site you can enroll and become our student.  Take advantage of our cyber resources if you wish.  They are another way we are pleased to provide service to our students!