Today’s Special Occasion: Cyber Monday

It's November 26, the Monday after Thanksgiving, which is commonly known as "Cyber Monday" among consumers and retailers.  Many people shop stores in person on "Black Friday," the day after Thanksgiving, and "Small Business Saturday," two days after Thanksgiving, but today is the day when many people shop online for the best deals.  The American School offers the best value in high school distance education all year long, not just on Cyber Monday.  Our four-year diploma program, which consists of 18 units of credit, costs just $1599.  Individual courses taken through our independent study program typically cost between $150 and $250.  You won't find a better deal anywhere.  We're also continuing to expand our online offerings, which you can learn more about on our Online Learning page.  By Cyber Monday 2013, if not sooner, we should have a full complement of online courses and online exams in paper-based courses for all of our students.