Today’s Special Occasion: Leap Year Day

It's February 29, and it's not often we get to write a blog on this date.  The main reason is that February 29 only happens every four years, and in fact the next time we'll have a February 29, it'll fall on a Saturday, so we better make today's blog good.  We won't write another one on February 29 until 2024!  Indeed, we do have something special for you that will make you jump for joy on Leap Day.  Our pilot program for middle school is taking off, and we invite you to be a part of it if you have children in 6th-8th grade.  While we're excited about middle school, we're not abandoning our accredited high school courses.  They're still available in our general high school program, college preparatory program or as an independent study high school either for credit recovery or enrichment purposes.  Do something memorable this February 29 and enroll today!  

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