Today’s Special Occasion: MLB All-Star Game

If you read last Friday's blog entry, you know that the American School Blog celebrated its 8th birthday just four days ago.  The subject of the very our very first blog entry was the Major League Baseball All-Star Game, which was being played that night in Pittsburgh.  Although we've added many online courses and made other positive changes since our first blog was published, some of the other themes of our first blog entry remain the same.  You can still become an academic all-star after you enroll with us.  That's because we allow students to work entirely at their own pace and provide students with detailed feedback from our qualified instructors.  We can't guarantee that you'll hit it out of the park on every test, but we can guarantee that through hard work and perseverance, one day you will cross home plate with your accredited high school diploma. 

In the meantime, we have a fun little challenge for you.  Below are 26 Major League Baseball mascots who gathered this week at Target Field in Minneapolis, site of tonight's All-Star Game.  What four teams do not have a mascot in the picture?  Comment on our Facebook page and we'll tell you if you're right!   

mlb mascots