Today’s Special Occasion: National Teacher Day

It's May 6, and as part of Teacher Appreciation Week, today is National Teacher Day.  Although you may never see them face-to-face, the American School's instructors are dedicated to grading your exams accurately and fairly.  They all have at least 24 hours of college credit in the subjects in which they grade, and many of them have advanced degrees in their fields.  It would be easier and quicker if they graded paper exams by machine or simply put a grade at the top of the first page and moved on to the next test, but our instructors go above and beyond that.  They write or type personalized comments on each exam they grade, often calling students by name.  It's one way the American School tries to make distance education as personal as possible.  Our instructors also write correct answers and give page references for any incorrect questions.  Math and science instructors provide step-by-step solutions to problems that appear on their exams.  It's an example of how our instructors aren't simply graders.  They're teachers, and on this day, we are especially grateful for their service to our students all over the world.

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