Today’s Special Occasion: Opening Day

Although the Major League Baseball season officially opened a week ago in Australia and opened stateside last night, today is generally considered the official Opening Day since most teams are in action.  For fans of all 30 teams, it is a day when optimism abounds.  There is a feeling that something special is in the air, and nowhere is this more true than in Cincinnati, where tradition dictates that the Reds always open at home.  A few years ago, the American School went to Cincinnati to attend a homeschool convention that just so happened to begin on Opening Day.  Downtown was abuzz with excitement all day long, from the parade in the morning to the game in the afternoon.  Have you ever equated Opening Day with the first day of school?  There are more similarities than you might think.  We want you to have that kind of optimistic, hopeful feeling when you enroll and become our student.  Perhaps you've put off finishing high school for awhile or you're simply ready to begin 9th grade work.  Either way, we're happy to have you as our student.  Unlike Major League Baseball, though, where only one team will win the World Series, all of our students are winners after they earn their accredited high school diplomas.