Today’s Special Occasion: Patriots Day

This week's blog posts will be slightly different.  We have several special occasions on the calendar, including a couple on the same day, and it's possible there will be one day without a blog post, so if we're off by a day when it comes to recognizing a special occasion, you know why.  Each year the third Monday in April is celebrated as Patriots Day in New England.  The first shots of the American Revolution were fired on April 19, 1775 near Lexington and Concord, Massachusetts, and the anniversary of that occasion is celebrated today in many of the original thirteen colonies.  Annual events on Patriots Day include a Boston Red Sox home game starting at 11:05 in the morning local time and the Boston Marathon, which attracts runners from all 50 states and all corners of the world.  American School allows you to run your marathon of 18 accredited high school courses at a pace that is comfortable to you.  You can be a sprinter and finish high school early or you can spread out your courses to cover the entire 4 years.  The choice is entirely yours.  Enroll today and you can look forward to crossing the finish line with your accredited high school diploma! 

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